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Why LPG?

Converting a vehicle to use LPG fuel is a move that can save you money while also doing your part to save the environment. LPG, or liquefied petroleum gas, is a type of alternative fuel that can be used in vehicles as well as used as cooking fuel and heating fuel.

LPG is created synthetically when petrol is being refined or it can be created when crude oil is refined. LPG is becoming more accessible in all parts of the world as it gains popularity because of the cost effectiveness and environmental benefits. Since the popularity of LPG is increasing, it is becoming easier to locate a garage approved to carry out an LPG conversion.

An LPG conversion has many benefits but for the majority of consumers, a financial savings are the main reason for a conversion. LPG fuel is cheaper to purchase because many countries have lower taxes on LPG. Another benefit to consumers is that engine runs more quietly on LPG than traditional fuels and diesel fuels. This makes for a nicer driving experience.

Environmentally Friendly

Using LPG instead of traditional fuels has a far reaching effect on the environment. Burning LPG creates fewer carbon emissions - traditional petrol and even diesel fuel harm the environment and pollute the air with carbon emissions, while LPG produces few emissions to preserve air quality and ozone. Since LPG is quieter, noise pollution is reduced in neighborhoods near roadways. Environmental impact of an LPG conversion is particularly pronounced when a company chooses to convert an entire fleet of vehicles to the cleaner fuel alternative.

Choosing to use liquefied petroleum gas also supports your country. Using alternative fuels helps to keep a country from utilising foreign fuel sources, making the entire country less dependent on foreign oil.

Financially Sound

Converting your vehicle to LPG is a financially sound, environmentally friendly choice that will also add value to your vehicle in the event that you wish to sell it in the future.


Driving a vehicle with LPG conversion is 

  • Safe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Cheaper than driving petrol or diesel car

Converting a petrol vehicle to LPG allows motorists to immediately reduce their motoring carbon emissions.

Switching to LPG, specially during the recession times we are experiencing now, is the best thing you can do to save money. As prices of petrol and diesel continue to rise day by day, pollution and greenhouse gas emission increases, LPG is the only affordable and Eco friendly solution for car industry today.

Of course, there are already available electric or hydro cars but as for now the only inexpensive, affordable and real alternative to petrol or diesel is LPG conversion. Autogas is widely available in UK and even more so abroad. More cars with Autogas conversions added daily means that LPG industry is growing and that there will be more and more petrol stations offering Autogas as well.

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