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ONE DAY LPG Conversion - is it possible?

The honest answer is yes and no. It's not that simple. Most of the cars can be converted in just one day but it all depends on many factors:

  • The model of the car
  • The age of the car
  • The installation required
  • The general condition of the vehicle

We can safely assume that if the vehicle that is about to be converted is a standard car with 4 cylinder petrol engine (not turbo or super charged), it has been looked after and is well maintained and it does not require any extensive modifications or repairs to be carried out prior to conversion - the conversion can be carried out in JUST ONE DAY.


Let's use a Renault Megane as an example and we'll talk you through every step that we take here at LPG Wales.

8:00 AM 

Customer arrives, vehicle inspection and preparation

9:00 AM

Vehicle on the ramp, LPG Conversion kit laid out next to the car, every component checked and prepared for installation
This is were we split our responsibilities: Greg starts installation of front end components and Pawel carries out installation of LPG tank, piping and switch gear - we both work along each other.

11:00 AM 

Tea break - this is essential part of the installation, we get to catch up on progress and see if we falling behind or if we are ahead of schedule


Back to work, at this time tank has been installed, Pawel is installing copper piping. Greg has already installed LPG ECU, vaporiser and is preparing LPG Injectors to be installed.


Greg is installing LPG Injectors, Pawel is finishing copper piping and starts connecting rear end components with front end parts.


Well deserved lunch brake


Back to work, final assembly, connecting LPG ECU to the car's OEM ECU, installation of LPG switch and indicator


Installation has been completed - testing begins, we test the entire installation for leaks and double check the compliance with UKLPG Code of Practice 11. We adhere to COP 11 throughout the entire installation process but it's a good practice to check the installation again once it's finalised


Installation is filled with LPG for the first time and initial calibration takes place


Test drive and final calibration


Customer arrives and takes the car for a test drive


We fill in all the required paperwork, customer receives certificate of LPG Conversion that is required by DVLA and Insurance Companies.


We prepare the workshop for another busy day


It's time to go home

As you can see we don't sit around - from the minute the customer arrives work goes on. All conversions are pre-booked and all the components are ordered well in advance so there is not a minute wasted. We value your time.

If there's anything else you would like to ask please contact us.

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