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Romano Srl was born in Pomigliano d'Arco in 1975 as a car workshop in a small structure of 200 square meters, thanks to a teacher of the applied mechanical engineering who, with the support of his family, still guides the company which manufactures LPG and CNG systems for vehicles with Romano Autogas brand name. 
Nowadays, with a 10.000 square meters production factory and a productive volume of around 100.000 kits, Romano Srl occupies a leader position on the market. All the components are studied, projected and developed internally, thanks to the Catia systems. A well- 
developed Quality Service guarantees continuous processes complying with Uni-Iso 9001 standards. In 2005 Romano inaugurated the new homologation-test centre inside its own structure. 

The production of LPG/CNG equipments begins in 1983 as handicraft production but, with the passing of the time, it becomes an advanced and completely automated production always maintaining the canons " of hand made pieces"; all components are in fact tested one by one.
Once consolidated the presence on the Italian market, Romano Srl starts its expansion abroad becoming leader in some countries such as Dominican Republic. Romano's products are distributed in more than thirty countries, among which Argentina, Australia, Benelux, Bulgaria, China, Colombia, India, United Kingdom, Poland, Philippines, Romania, Russia, Thailand and USA. To allow a rapid and efficient distribution of its own products in Central and South America, in 1997 Romano creates an enterprise for commercialization of LPG/CNG systems in Coast Rica "Costa Rica Inversiones Autogas". 

In 2002 the increasing evolution of the market gave birth to a new enterprise in Romania, the "S.C. Romano Autogas S.r.l".; to supply and assist in profitable way the Eastern-Europe markets. Since 2003 a new challenge has started in Saint Domingo, the " Sistemi Autogas Romano" which allows the Romano group to establish commercial relationships with local markets. 

Romano offers an integrated system of follow-up services which make the use of gas system easy and reliable. 

The achieved experience and a pool of experts allow Romano company being the reference point for his customers finding the right solutions which allows them working at their best. The Romano group has acquired all those technical-commercial competences assuring the factory a continuous growth confirmed also by its always increasing budget. 

During his career, the group has developed an idea to make business based on a familiar system strongly integrated in the firm which,, together with his partners, consolidate the” Romano Autogas” brand more and more in every part of the world.
Romano Autogas brand name marks all components for LPG and CNG systems for vehicles. Since 2009 Romano Autogas has gained a considerable National market share achieving the 12% placing itself at third place among market leaders.


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