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LPG Lubricating System - aka Valve Saver



LPG and CNG are dry burning fuels that combust at a much higher temperature than petrol. These extreme temperatures can cause Valve Seat Recession (VSR) leading to valve burning, lack of performance, loss of compression & premature engine failure. Designed to replace lead without harmful emissions, Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid provides a protective coating on valves & valve seats, minimising the damage Valve Seat Recession can cause. Protect your engine by using the brand the experts use, Flashlube Valve Saver Fluid.


  • Protects Valves & Valve Seats
  • Increases Fuel Economy (up to 5.3%)
  • Reduces Harmful Emissions
  • Cleans Injectors & Fuel Systems
  • Lubricates Upper Cylinder Area
  • Safe to use in all vehicles (won't harm catalytic converters & oxygen sensors)
  • Reduces engine temperature
  • Economical to use 50ml treats 50 litres
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