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LPG Emulators and Solenoid Valves

LPG Emulators and Solenoid Valves

Emulators are there to trick the vehicle's original ECU into thinking that it is still firing the petrol injectors. It also prevents the ECU from getting upset and going into default. In most sequential injection systems it is integrated in LPG ECU.

LPG Emulators

LPG Solenoid valve.

This valve is electro-magnetically controlled and is installed in the connection piping between the LPG tank and the pressure reducer / regulator / vaporiser. Its task is that of intercepting the flow of LPG when the engine runs on petrol and when the engine is turned off. The inlet of the solenoid valve is equipped with a filter where the LPG leaves any impurities behind.

LPG Solenoid Valve

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