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LPG Conversion Petrol

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How does the LPG Conversion actually work?

LPG is stored in liquid form in the tank which is usually placed in the boot of the car or underneath the car. There are three types of tanks: toroidal (doughnut), elliptic and cylinder. LPG is transported via an electro valve to a reducer where it is de-liquidised (converted to gas state from liquid form) and then transported to injectors via gas filter and gas pressure sensor. Injectors are controlled by the additional ECU unit. It is the driver who can choose the type of fuel from the cabin using a switch that also indicates the level of LPG in the tank with LEDs. The system switches automatically to petrol when the LPG level gets low so as long as there's petrol in the car there's no chance of getting stranded.

LPG Conversion does not require changes in the engine - it is simply an add on equipment

LPG Conversion simply adds another, independent fuel system to a vehicle so it can run either on petrol or the LPG.

The first thing we do when customer arrives is to check that the car is mechanically in good condition and that it is OK to convert it to Autogas. Then together with the customer we decide where and what size of the tank is going to be fitted to the car and where the LPG filling valve is going to be placed.

The next step is to place front end parts: computer unit, reducer, gas filter, gas pressure sensor and LPG injectors. At the same time we decide where the switch and gas level indicator is going to be placed.

Then it is time to connect all the electric wiring. After that we fix the tank and Autogas filling valve, we install the safety valve in the tank and the level sensor which gives signal to the gas level indicator. The next step is to connect the tank to the reducer at the front of the car with copper pipes and the LPG sensor to the computer unit and Autogas level indicator/switch.

At this point we ensure that all the pipes and wires are fastened to the chassis securely and accordingly to the UK LPG Code of Practice (COP 11)

When all components are installed and connected we can fill the installation with Autogas and calibrate it by setting the computer unit and all installation with the proprietary software program.

After successful calibrating we can consider the LPG Conversion as a job done

The final step is for the customer to test-drive the car running on Autogas. After that there is no need for other visits to the workshop apart from regular servicing. however, we are always ready to help and check the installation if the customer asks for it without any delays or questions asked.

We know of cars running on LPG without any problems for over 10 years - it is all down to quality of the installation and the components and regular maintenance. These days the technology and quality of LPG conversion kits is very high and if the installation is performed by professionals the customer should expect trouble free motoring for years to come - this is why we offer NO QUIBBLE 2 YEAR WARRANTY on all our installations - subject to regular maintenance.

Most of our LPG Conversions are carried out in ONE DAY, many people ask us how is it possible and where do we cut the corners? Well, we don't cut any corners at all, what more we offer one of the highest standards in the industry - to find out exactly how we can convert your car in JUST ONE DAY please follow this link.

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