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Gold Romano Conversion Package


Romano Auto Gas Conversion

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LPG Conversion Package


Romano -The Best System

From  2 cylinder Fiat 500 to BMW M5 V10 and Supercharged Jaguars and Range Rovers.

Romano have continued their expansion and have recently started producing their own Tanks and Electronics. This makes them the only European manufacture who produce every component themselves. This attention to detail and high quality result the the BEST LPG KIT IN THE WORLD.

The Romano Premium System uses proven and current technology in both mechanical and electronic components. Continuous reserch and development keeps them ahead of their competitors

Romano are industry leaders in the devlopment of their mechanical and electronic  parts, particularly as they were the first to manufacture individual injectors. The Romano individual injectors have a high tolerance to 'dirty' gas and require less maintenance. The new AIS ECU in a leader in its class.  


We are very, very confident when fitting Romano and the small additional cost is more than worthwhile.

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