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AEB LPG Conversion

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LPG Conversion Package

AEB LPG Conversion


AEB  is the leading Italian Electronics producer - the one most others copy!


The adoption of sequential gas injection for petrol engines has various advantages:

  • optimal fuel dosage achieving mixtures with the correct stoichiometric ratio
  • excellent fuel consumption
  • reduced pollutant emissions
  • improved performance.

Petrol engines are controlled by an electronic control unit (ECU) which, depending on a number of parameters (such as the air and engine temperature, the quantity of air in the intake duct, engine speed and timing) determines the fuel injection time instant by instant.

The main types of original injection systems for petrol engines are:

  • indirect injection systems (Port Fuel Injection – PFI) featuring petrol injectors upstream of the intake valves
  • direct injection systems (Gasoline Direct Injection – GDI / Fuel Stratified Injection – FSI) which feature injectors located in the combustion chamber. This provides an increase in performance and a reduction in consumption and emissions

To convert an injection engine from petrol to LPG/Natural Gas it is necessary to use a second electronic control unit alongside the original ECU. The gas control unit manages the gas fuel supply, optimising engine performance and subsequent emissions.

AEB designs and creates electronic control units for LPG/Natural Gas conversions that can be used on all the engine types described above.

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