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Torque Gas Diesel Conversion Prices

Diesel conversion are currently unavailable - we are awaiting a new Romano Syatem

Diesel Positive Vapour Injection System

Positive Vapour Injection Systems on diesel powered vehicles. LP Gas is injected in conjunction with the diesel to improve combustion, which results in more power and fuel cost savings of up to 20%.

Other advantages include reduced exhaust emissions, longer engine life and smoother running. In this system the ignition of diesel provides the spark for the LPG which, having a higher flash point than diesel, speeds the burn of the diesel and provides more complete combustion.

Increased power and torque, every engine will have an increase in power and torque. The faster burning means an improved power stroke. This results in more power from the same amount of fuel or the same power from less fuel.

Advantages of Gas over Diesel

Engine runs on Diesel and automatically adds LPGSeparate LPG gauge integrated for easy check of fuel levelsLPG system fully integrates into engine bayDyno tuned for optimum performance at our workshop (road tuned with laptop live data read out if no Dyno)Filler co-locates with or near Diesel filler or dual fillers for trucks.In the previous case study over 23% Savings.

Less Gear changes = Less Driver Fatigue Increased Torque reduced point to point timesImproved Combustion characteristics of diesel, which reduces carbon deposits and increases performance.Less engine noise runs smoother with better response.

Owner Drivers and Fleet Managers report Longer Oil Life less filter changes and less sludge in the oil, = Longer engine lifeLess greenhouse gasses NOX cut typically by approx 50%.

Proven Technologies Using the Positive Vapour Injection System. No ongoing GSM or Internet charges as system is tuned once a year.

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