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Pawel Dabski is the one you meet first - he's always on the phone, replying to emails, answering more phone calls... he enjoys talking to customers and when you call he'll make sure your decision whether to go ahead with LPG Conversion or not is well informed.

Pawel have studied Car Mechanics & Maintenance and Marketing and Finance specialising in motor industry related services. After working for years for lease company he decided it was time to implement all the ideas he had into his own business.

" It all started in 1997 when I had my car converted to LPG  - I was fascinated and intrigued that the service wasn't as popular as it deserved to be.

I couldn't believe some bad reputation LPG was receiving but I have soon realised that it was all down to quality and honesty that garage can offer its customer. Some people are surprised when I tell them that it makes no sense to convert their car.

The way I see it is I'd rather tell them as it is and then have a friend rather than customer who didn't save money in the end. How is it possible? Well, you do save a lot of money on fuel but if you drive let's say 2k miles per year, your car does already 35mpg and you know you want to sell it in next 6 months you'll end up loosing money! I tell people as it is, I ask them not only about the car they drive but about everything else - how they drive it, how many miles do they drive and how long they want to keep the car for.

I'm trying to make sure that LPG Conversion becomes long term investment - once you convert your car to LPG you'll want to keep it forever!"


Wales busiest LPG Conversion Centre

With prices of petrol going up and showing no signs of slowing down more and more people face a hard choice: to get rid off the car they own and swap it for a more frugal model or to keep it and go ahead with LPG conversion?

Fleet managers are facing even harder battle - their costs are getting out of control. To convert or not to convert? - that is the question. Our aim is to help the customer to understand the benefits and the down sides of LPG conversion (Auto Gas conversion) kamagra, to provide as much information as we can about the LPG Conversion in order for the customer to make well informed decision whether to go ahead with the service.

30 Years Combined Experience

We have over 30 years of combined experience in LPG conversions not only for cars but buses and lorries.

Since the day one our aim is to provide highest level of quality and customer satisfaction. Our customer base is growing but we are not resting - we are always looking for ways to improve.

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